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Co- create



thoughts clash

pictures merge

people meet eye to eye

and sometimes try to knock off one of them

when little children learn to collaborate

learn to share

form a picture book together………………….


What happ(y) ens?

Well: It Hippocampus, it turned out to be a Giant book about Hoo the Hippo co- created by 15 children from Chennai!!!!



Out in the Garden – Touch and Feel book by Ramya Chidambaram and Preetha Srinivasan


We have created this book because we love the garden. We love many little experiences that the garden can give us. Lots of activities to do and so many different things to see. This week, at Artogether, we wish to explore the garden. The book takes you through many little things that children ‘do’ in the garden like spotting snails or counting pebbles. Its arranged in such a way that you can also get a sense of numbers while reading this book.

About this book: Out in the Garden is a book that can be personalised with the names of your children and friends. We can accomodate as many names as you need so that the book becomes very special for each person who reads it. We believe this book will be ideal for 2 to 6 year olds.

Artogether books are handmade. If you’d like us to make this kind of a book for you, contact us at artogetheralways@gmail.com.

For children we could recommend these as activities:

1. Take your children to explore the garden and spot different colours of leaves.
2. Identify at least 5 different plants and find out what fruits / seeds / leaves come from them.
3. Water the plants in your garden with the children
4. Watch garden animals – snails, worms, insects
5. Get your children to eat a fruit / taste a leaf straight from the tree.
6. The more adventurous ones can try climbing a tree.
7. If you live in an apartment, try and bring a little plant into your home. There are many varieties of indoor plants.
8. On a special day – birthday, etc gift your children a tree. Plant it and see it grow along with them.