At a philosophical level, we want to get people to get a little sensitive to art, art history, which primarily gives people an insight into their lives and their future. Along with that the broader objectives are to reach oneness with nature and harmony with life and all its possibilities at individual and collective levels.

Art Workshops

We take up different topics and conduct workshops on Art and related activities. These workshops enable the participants (young and old) to understand group dynamics, get an understanding of the History of Art and various forms of Art. We work on themes based on the group size and the age.

Hanmade – by Artogether

Handmade is a brand of books, toys and stationary that hope to personalise the objects that are close to everyone’s heart. Made with a great deal of thought and inclusion, these products help to get the best out of different materials that are used and the person who uses them.

The books are totally handmade, with a personal touch added to each work that will hopefully percolate to everyone who uses them.

Should you wish to work along with us in whichever way, we’d love to talk! Do write to us at


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