Hanmade is a brand of books, toys and stationary that hope to personalise the objects that are close to everyone’s heart. Made with a great deal of thought and inclusion, these products help to get the best out of different materials that are used and the person who uses them.

Touch and Feel:

These are handmade books which have a ‘touch and feel’ aspect to it. We have put together different materials like dried leaves, threads, paper to enable children to ‘feel’ the book while reading. Each book comes with a note to the parent / adult on ideas and the kind of activities that could be done along with the book.

Titles: Out in the Garden by Ramya and Preetha

In the Village – by Ramya and Preetha

Made from handmade paper and worked in the Worli tradition, this book explores the life and the spirit in a village and it being a wonderful sustainable unit. A parent can take cues from this book to expand upon the values that ‘the village’ holds to all of us.


Personal Perpetual Diaries

You are a musician, a dancer, a traveler or a computer geek. What if your diary carried a bit of you in it? What if it spoke to you everyday and inspired you to become the person that you want to be? Choose from a range of personalised diaries.

The Musician’s Muse: The personal diary, made of special paper has little anecdotes and quotations that will inspire a musician. Apart from that, we have handrawn a researched image collection of rare musical instruments. Each diary is hand-drawn and is customisable with your name.

The Dancer Awakens : Slumber, rising, awakening, bhayanaka, bhibatsa, different moods, emotions, that’s the dancer’s package. A customised diary epitomizing the person that you are….

The Globetrotter: Images from across the world will accompany in your journey everyday. This diary is for the traveler – a nomad at heart whose restlessness will be satiated only by the different views that the world provides everyday.

The Learner’s Diary

Little bits of information to fill a child’s day with fun! Gets the child interested in planning their days work and is a record which can be savoured later.


Inspired by nature and ready to inspire the owner of the diary. There’s one pic a day to get inspired from.


‘Who we are’ – Series

These books are personalised with names of your child + friends, siblings, cousins etc. There are many kinds of stories we can make for you in this series – primarily looking at making a direct ‘connect’ with your child, her or his aspirations,or even to look at themselves with some humour.

Theres a lot more, and all these handmade books are completely handdrawn and painted and worked with. The binding is also hand-done.

We are trying to see how these books can be ordered online or requested and made specifically for you. Do get back to us on artogetheralways@gmail.com if you are interested…..


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  1. I’ve just ordered a copy of the The Musician’s Muse and would like to know if you could also make me a copy of the Personalised Travel Scrap Book.

    We met at Hari Shree Vidyalayam.

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