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Co- create



thoughts clash

pictures merge

people meet eye to eye

and sometimes try to knock off one of them

when little children learn to collaborate

learn to share

form a picture book together………………….


What happ(y) ens?

Well: It Hippocampus, it turned out to be a Giant book about Hoo the Hippo co- created by 15 children from Chennai!!!!



Artogether and Hippocampus present


Artogether and Hippocampus


A Day to create Art – together

Get your children co-create a book



Hippocampus Children’s Book Fair 2012!

World Book Day is a celebration of Reading and Books , it’s all about getting kids into book shops and libraries.

Come along and celebrate World Book Day

 at Hippocampus with Books, Visits by Authors, Book Promotions, Activities, Contests, Food and a Whole lot of Fun for Children!!

Date: 21st April’12 – Saturday

Time: 4.30 pm

(The centre has activities from 11am)

Entry Fee: Rs 20 per head

Venue: Hippocampus

3rd Avenue, Indiranagar,

Adyar, Chennai.

To know more click here

To know more about Artogether visit

New Game – Lost in Chandragiri


Its a fort with 4 gates, and the person from Gate 1 has to reach Gate 2, the one in 2 needs to reach Gate1, the one in 3 needs to reach 4, and the one in Gate 4 needs to reach Gate 3. This happens through a maze of activity happening inside the huge fort. There are many surprises, enemy attacks and of course road blocks. How does one start and reach their destination fastest. Find out!!!

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Hands that work


Hands that work often help the person ‘see’ better.

That seems quite like a funny thing, but I have seen that theres nothing like a day at work – with your hands/ legs to have a good fulfilling time with your child. Children form many viewpoints through their work and especially for children aged  0-6,  their memories / learning is directly connected to the hands.

Its so funny that those children who are very ‘occupied’ with their hands all the time are also very comfortable in whatever they do, will literally be ‘hands on’ in a given situation when they grow up – and actually even when they are young!

Lets encourage children to be ‘hands on’ in whatever they do. Feel free to let them learn, do, make mistakes and learn from them too!

We at Artogether feel that you can do 1 hand activity a day with your child (choose your activities depending on the age of the child, but most of them listed here make up for a fun activity anyday, any age)

1. Make a fruit salad (with each person / child contributing with a fruit)

2. Work with clay / sand – it sets you free!

3. Have a ‘notice your hands day’ – and watch the way your hands work. Great if you can also involve the kids to do it! You can give it a sense of fun to play some music and get all of you do many activities with your hands – like playing the violin, cutting vegetables, cutting with the scissors, playing the drums, painting, etc..

4.Give a good oil massage to your kids and get them to repeat it on you.

5. Draw a picture.

6. Fold the bedsheet along ith your child

7. Let the children arrange the table, while the adults get the food in place.

8. Try and make instruments out of day – to – day things and have a concert!

9. Sow a seed. Get the children to do the same.

10. For a little older children, stictching their own bag may be a good idea.

This week its raining music


No, I am not talking about a spectacular music and dance season thats opened almost everywhere in the world. Its not even the much awaited rain thats raining outside.

We have now almost completed doing a bit of an understanding of about 65 different musical instruments from across the globe – across different countries and music types. To begin with, we are comfortable discussing the difference between the Geomungo and the Gayageum (the former is a 6 stringed Korean instrument, and the latter is 12- stringed). To top it all, we went to a few of the Korean music programmes that gave us a ‘complete feel’.

This knowledge will be transferred on to a Personal Diary (with perpetual time) which we hope is a companion to a musician or a student. The diary is interspersed with ideas on music, inspirations and a study of different musical instruments throughout the world.

We will put in pictures some time next week..

Artogether dawns.


Yes, sometimes we yawn

And this time we dawn.

Its a life thats full of ups and downs

But we like to pause and wait on each curve

and look at the clouds above and the valley below.

We want to bring art into each person’s life,

and a smile into some,

Coz we believe time flies

but yearnings go deeper with time.

Sing, dance, draw or do

Just about anything that you like to do.

Not thinking of the result

Not thinking of the fruit,

Just touch yourself deep within

A place that could be so true!!!

Welcome to Artogether

A place for all those people who are figuring out life

And believe in savouring everything that comes!!!