What do I want for my children?


What do I want for my children?

I want my children’s lives to be an extension of mine.
To explore more learnings than I have done.
Make the difficult choices that I made.
To retain a clarity of the soul and spirit.
To clean up their baggages everyday.
To keep asking questions irrespective of yesterday’s answers….

I want them to be wild and fun loving
and very much in control of what they do
I want them to take the right things seriously and give their very best.
I want them to use these two traits at the right times and places.
I want them to make the right choices when they respond to people and situations

Beyond that
I want them to be the best that they can be
With a heart that’s always at peace
And work that’s sensible to the world.
I wish they make no compromises of things of their heart
And they can always cut corners and adjust with things that give less comfort.

They should live a life of inspiration to others.
Climb mountains.
Fly a plane.
Bathe in the streams and rivers.
Converse and work with a chosen family.
Have a long term sense of peace
Have short term adventures

I want them to have the wisdom to know what to start and when to start and also when to stop.
I want them to be completely true to themselves and their deep yearnings and never to compromise on these.
I want them never to give up.

About Artogether Always

Artogether is a collective. A Group of people who want to bring art into everyones lives and will do different things to get about doing that!!! We believe that everyday promises a significant moment in your life, and if you are oriented in art, you will make the best use of it...

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