Artogether and Hippocampus present


Artogether and Hippocampus


A Day to create Art – together

Get your children co-create a book



Hippocampus Children’s Book Fair 2012!

World Book Day is a celebration of Reading and Books , it’s all about getting kids into book shops and libraries.

Come along and celebrate World Book Day

 at Hippocampus with Books, Visits by Authors, Book Promotions, Activities, Contests, Food and a Whole lot of Fun for Children!!

Date: 21st April’12 – Saturday

Time: 4.30 pm

(The centre has activities from 11am)

Entry Fee: Rs 20 per head

Venue: Hippocampus

3rd Avenue, Indiranagar,

Adyar, Chennai.

To know more click here

To know more about Artogether visit

About Artogether Always

Artogether is a collective. A Group of people who want to bring art into everyones lives and will do different things to get about doing that!!! We believe that everyday promises a significant moment in your life, and if you are oriented in art, you will make the best use of it...

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