This week its raining music


No, I am not talking about a spectacular music and dance season thats opened almost everywhere in the world. Its not even the much awaited rain thats raining outside.

We have now almost completed doing a bit of an understanding of about 65 different musical instruments from across the globe – across different countries and music types. To begin with, we are comfortable discussing the difference between the Geomungo and the Gayageum (the former is a 6 stringed Korean instrument, and the latter is 12- stringed). To top it all, we went to a few of the Korean music programmes that gave us a ‘complete feel’.

This knowledge will be transferred on to a Personal Diary (with perpetual time) which we hope is a companion to a musician or a student. The diary is interspersed with ideas on music, inspirations and a study of different musical instruments throughout the world.

We will put in pictures some time next week..


About Artogether Always

Artogether is a collective. A Group of people who want to bring art into everyones lives and will do different things to get about doing that!!! We believe that everyday promises a significant moment in your life, and if you are oriented in art, you will make the best use of it...

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