The world of mainstream and alternative


Some definitions really are so confusing………..

Fats have become the new carbohydrates. Healthy food devoid of preservative / pesticide has become ‘alternative’.

Art, painting, music, dance – what was once core activities to human kind have become ‘alternative’.

To study is in. But children enjoying themselves while doing what they love best – ‘learning’, has become alternative.

Going by the beach in an evening just to be by the waves for half an hour now takes about 3 hours of preparation time, and that too if you get to reach the beach from the centre of the city without the hassle of traffic jams.

Using steroids to treat simple ailments in children has become ‘ mainstream’. Native medicine which relies on the power of the body to heal itself has become alternative.

Physical activities have become ‘alternative’. Sleeping in afternoons after a late night has become a norm.

Knowledge has become alternative, education has become mainstream.

Some times we wonder what the urban seeker is looking for, having lost all kinds of relevant tools necessary for happiness.

Mainstream and alternative are simply relative. The larger the number of people in each stream, anything can shift to become mainstream. The so-called alternatives too….

Having said these, here is our wish – that as we all swim in the currents of time, let the mainstream, alternatives all become one with nature. And let them sweep us all into our personal and societal discovery.

Artogether wishes to be that little stick that we can hold on to in these troubled waters. A small tool to help us understand our core and direction. A reason to pause, look at the world and move on……………


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