We delved deep into who we are


This week at Artogether, we took up the theme of delving deep into ourselves to find a spark.

We realised that some of us ‘are’ what we always wanted to be.

One of the people we know is a dancer and she discovered that she would be a dancer all her life – to herself and to the world around her. Dance would give her all the means to live – the material, spiritual, learning, companionship – everything. She has found her space and time in this world to do something she loves best. Meanwhile she also does many other things, perhaps those she likes second best – like brushing her teeth, traveling to different places around the world, and doing some cooking.

Some of us are yet to figure out a way of life, amongst many activities that are happening. Sometimes we feel that we live just like you put your feet beneath the waves in a beach. The drifts are so regularly spaced, and we find our feet drenched and buried below the ground. And by the time we lift up one of our feet, the next wave beckons…. Inspite of that, the joy of the sea and its currents keep the flow going and except for some ‘stuck’ feeling once in a while, we are not complaining.

Some of us have started discovering a new world of people and conversations and learning, that we never believed was in our grasp, yet we find ourselves in the company of others who inspire us, and we in turn inspire them.

Some of us have discovered that we are nomads – drifting in a world full of ideas that there is no ‘one way’ to discover it. We take it as it comes, and aspire to give it our best shot.

However, we all agree with one thing – that every human being – rich or poor, sick or stubborn, black or white, thin or fat – we all have a spark. And its important to acknowledge that.

That spark needs to be nurtured in children and the fact that you can have many skills should be open as a possibility to them.

This has inspired us in our book – in the ‘Who we are’ Series. The book takes children through many dimensions of what they are and what they can do.

With such a personal book, an adult can help a child understand that its important to give an opening to your skills for you to explore the world better. An art could do that to you. Today.

Explore an art. Today.


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  1. That ‘spark’ to which you refer, which is a birth-right given to us all, is the spark of life, or as some call it – enlightenment. Inherent in each Human being is the seed from which our innate skills and abilities are waiting to be awakened from dormancy. Everything, including the beautiful flower that tantilizes the senses of sight and smell starts out exactly the same. However, after being nourished with food, water, and sunshine, something magical happens; slowly, it germinates and grows..the same is true for us.

    Unconditional love, social interaction, knowledge, and encouragement facilitates the discovery and fulfillment of our own hopes, dreams, and desires. Certain attributes come naturally to some, and to others, things can be learned if one possesses the requisite minimum acumen to be able to develop those skills. While still others will never be able to perform a specific task, no matter how hard they try. But that’s okay. They simply haven’t come to understand their purpose yet; but they will.

    No matter what we feel we can do or cannot do, each of us has a unique purpose for which we were brought into this world. It is up to us to look deep within to discover our purpose; to find ourselves and become all that we know we can be.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Artogether –

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words; it is greatly appreciated! As far as what I do, I happen to wear several hats; I am a musician, an author, businessman, and an administrator for a non-profit entity in Massachusetts.

    BTW, you have a great Blog site!


  3. Took me time to read all the feedback, however I really loved the article. It proved to be very useful to me and I am positive to all the commenters here! It is always good when you cannot only learn, but additionally engaged! I am certain you had pleasure writing this article. Anyway, in my language, there usually are not much good source like this.

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