The world of Bubbles


Who is not fascinated with the world of bubbles
–big and small, large and taught,
shimmering in the light,
through day and night.

Who does not love to touch them
And play
Even if each of them go their way

Who doesn’t experience the beauty of light
See her own sight
And touch it once more
And there they go when stricken with might

The bubbles teach us to be bubbly;
They are strong; yet they are light
They are big, small, medium, tiny –
some stay for a long time,
some go away even before we notice them.
They are random.

Yet they are perfect.
Perfect spheres
which show us a sense of space and time –
the way they are meant to be.

In today’s advanced scientific world, progress is about searching for some of these little bubbles. Yet, we need to find some time in between to catch hold of one and take some time to enjoy it. At least the children should – so they they grow up to be adults who do enjoy the time and space they have for themselves and others.


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