What do I want for my children?


What do I want for my children?

I want my children’s lives to be an extension of mine.
To explore more learnings than I have done.
Make the difficult choices that I made.
To retain a clarity of the soul and spirit.
To clean up their baggages everyday.
To keep asking questions irrespective of yesterday’s answers….

I want them to be wild and fun loving
and very much in control of what they do
I want them to take the right things seriously and give their very best.
I want them to use these two traits at the right times and places.
I want them to make the right choices when they respond to people and situations

Beyond that
I want them to be the best that they can be
With a heart that’s always at peace
And work that’s sensible to the world.
I wish they make no compromises of things of their heart
And they can always cut corners and adjust with things that give less comfort.

They should live a life of inspiration to others.
Climb mountains.
Fly a plane.
Bathe in the streams and rivers.
Converse and work with a chosen family.
Have a long term sense of peace
Have short term adventures

I want them to have the wisdom to know what to start and when to start and also when to stop.
I want them to be completely true to themselves and their deep yearnings and never to compromise on these.
I want them never to give up.

Co- create



thoughts clash

pictures merge

people meet eye to eye

and sometimes try to knock off one of them

when little children learn to collaborate

learn to share

form a picture book together………………….


What happ(y) ens?

Well: It Hippocampus, it turned out to be a Giant book about Hoo the Hippo co- created by 15 children from Chennai!!!!


Artogether and Hippocampus present


Artogether and Hippocampus


A Day to create Art – together

Get your children co-create a book



Hippocampus Children’s Book Fair 2012!

World Book Day is a celebration of Reading and Books , it’s all about getting kids into book shops and libraries.

Come along and celebrate World Book Day

 at Hippocampus with Books, Visits by Authors, Book Promotions, Activities, Contests, Food and a Whole lot of Fun for Children!!

Date: 21st April’12 – Saturday

Time: 4.30 pm

(The centre has activities from 11am)

Entry Fee: Rs 20 per head

Venue: Hippocampus

3rd Avenue, Indiranagar,

Adyar, Chennai.

To know more click here

To know more about Artogether visit www.artogether.in

Personalised Travel Scrap Book


Use it for any travel that you do. Remember the most important aspects in your travel and what you did, and learnt, and saw, and enjoyed!

Travel really expands our horizons and its important for kids to remember and recall their travel experiences. Record all these and much more in a personalised (with the kid / family’s name) Travel Book.

Enter the world of real exploration and learning!

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The Musician’s Muse


The Musician’s Muse is a diary which aspires to be a companion in learning. Filled with images of rare instruments with a good level of research and understanding, these pages help inspire a musician or a budding artiste. With deep love for music and respect for the musician, may we present:

The Musician’s Muse

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The Desert Holiday


This is a story of Mumbai bred Sheela and her experiences with her cousins in Rajasthan. Its a story which is set in scenic Rajasthan, and is embellished with a Rajasthani painting ‘touch’ – typical bright colours in a muddy-brown background. The story is about understanding and patience, as much as it is about opening up to new experiences. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are most likely to enjoy this book as it takes them through similar real life experiences.

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New Game – Lost in Chandragiri


Its a fort with 4 gates, and the person from Gate 1 has to reach Gate 2, the one in 2 needs to reach Gate1, the one in 3 needs to reach 4, and the one in Gate 4 needs to reach Gate 3. This happens through a maze of activity happening inside the huge fort. There are many surprises, enemy attacks and of course road blocks. How does one start and reach their destination fastest. Find out!!!

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